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Every family member must have their own activities. School children and working parents. Surely every day is filled with routines that make time together to be reduced. Even on weekends, even busy with your own activities or gadgets .

You need to know these habits are not good, you know. Supposedly on holidays should be utilized with activities that can bond the bonding of family members with each other. Its activities also do not have to always travel outside the city or abroad. Considering traveling takes quite a long time and costs too.

Well, therefore try to look at some ideas of simple but fun activities that you can do with the following family:

 1. Playing games together


Who doesn't like playing games? Moreover, usually the fathers and sons. If you are busy playing online games, other family members might be ignored.

Instead of being busy, why not try to get other family members to participate in playing the game. Even if the game is less attractive to other family members, try to choose a game that is simpler but no less exciting.

You can try to get your family to play legendary old school games such as monopoly, guessing, connecting words, guessing style, and truth or dare. Guaranteed the atmosphere of the house becomes more boisterous with laughter of all family members.

2. Farming together

Still have vacant land in front or behind the house? Just invite all family members to grow crops together. Discuss in advance what plants will be planted, whether vegetables, flowers, fruits, or various ornamental plants?

Do not forget also to share the tasks, who is pulling grass, loosening the soil, reaping the seeds, and watering it. Keep taking care of the garden together in turns. This activity will certainly make the weekend with family feel more fun and useful.

3. Workout together

By workout together, not only ties family bonding but also bonuses in a healthy and fit body. Choose the type of exercise that is fun and can be done together. Like swimming, jogging, biking, and badminton. Surely this activity is more useful than just in front of the gadget all day, right?

4. Doing a sharing session

With many routines of each child and parent, of course there are many stories that can be shared. Even though not everyone can easily express what they feel or experience. Well, to break the ice a bit, you can prepare tea and delicious snacks like Danish ButterCookies to eat together. The softness of the cookies melting on the tongue makes the mood happier. So it will be easier to start sharing stories. 


For parents it is also very important for you to know, what children experienced and how they feel. By being a good listener and advisor, children will be wiser in making decisions of each problem.

Parents can also tell complaints about work, for example, but say it in simple language according to the child's age, so that children can empathize and understand that their parents are busy and tired for their own good. 

5. Cook Together

Instead of every holiday eating out all the time, there's no harm in cooking occasionally at home with family members. Young children can learn to wash vegetables and peel onions. Older children can learn to cut and slice. Then mom and dad will cook and mix all the ingredients. After finishing, of course the cooked food will taste more delicious because it is cooked with the whole family with love.

Here are 5 simple but meaningful activity ideas that you can do with your family at home. No matter how busy with our daily activities, don't forget to maintain the quality of relationships with family.

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